SneakieShoes Provides an Auto-Checkout Service that uses your Shipping and Billing information to obtain the most highly sought after and Limited Shoes on release day

  • We Purchase the shoes on your behalf so you can rest easy and enjoy your stress-free day


  • Are Your Products 100% Authentic?

We only carry 100% Authentic Footwear that are distributed through authorized retailers.

  • Can I place an Order without a reference code?

Orders without an official Reference Code will NOT be honored. Reference Codes are given to select indiviuals who have an order history with us.

  • Do I pay the ATC fee up front?

Payment must be made up front if you do not have an order history with us. It is only Pay After Success if you've placed an order before or are referred by someone with an order history.

  • What form of payment may I use?




Pay-After Success 


Chase QuickPay


Cash App

  • Does the Auto-Checkout fee include the cost of the shoes?

NO. Payment for the shoes is made separately using the information you provide in the order form.

  • What is your success rate?

Success rate is based on many variables but rest assured our chances are 100% better than the average Joe.

  • My Credit Card was charged but I havent received a confirmation email yet. What is the deal?

Sometimes confirmation emails are delayed but we are aware of a successful order well before an email from the retailer is sent to you.

  • If I don't pay you following a successful order what will happen?

Don't Do it and you'll never need to know

  • Can I place multiple orders with the same billing/shipping info?

NO. Usually with Limited Releases buyers are restricted to one per person. You will need Different info to place an additional order including address.

  • Does my Billing and Shipping Address need to match?

YES. All Billing and Shipping info must match in order to successfully place an order.

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